• Personalized assessment of your qualifications such as language skill set, Net Worth, Education credentials, etc.
  • We focus on assisting our clients by identifying the best method to immigrate and settle in Canada.
  • The process starts from recommending the best category based on yours and your family needs, preference as well as your background, financialsituation and professional experience to ensure a smooth application process to successful settlement

Facilitate your Application Process

  • Determining your Immigration category
  • Prepare and perfect your application package
  • Your assurance of quality and complete application

Assist your with Immigration Problems

  • Appeal cases on application refusal
  • Criminal and medical inadmissibility

Authorized Representative

  • Act on your behalf with Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office
  • Prepare you for interviews
  • Track and update you on the status of your application
  • Address and solve your concerns and questions

Post Landing Services

  • Obtaining Canadian Citizenship
  • Obtaining International Passport
  • Visa extension for work, visit or study permit
  • Permanent Resident (PR card)
  • Settlement resources