What does President-Elect Donald Trump agenda means for immigration??

What does President-Elect Donald Trump agenda means for immigration??


According to theguardian, Donald Trump has been short on policy details during his campaign. But already, the president-elect has hinted at an agenda that is as ambitious as it is disturbing on key policy issues.

Trump has repeatedly stated his promise to build a wall across the US souther border with forecasted cost estimating at $40 billion.

On the international front, his administration had pledged to pursue a temporary ban on immigration from regions that he has deems exporters of terrorism! However he will face some backlash as well as challenges from the court on ensuring there is no extreme discrimination. On the other hand, he may receive the support his needs from Congress!

Lastly, there are 11 million undocumented immigrant currently living in US which are facing uncertainty and deportation as special deportation taskforce has already been proposed.

loving this beautiful planet of ours, we must touch on irreversible effects of this new presidential election on the climate change. The doomsday moment for livable climate is close than ever since he is a climate change denier! Paris climate deal is very crucial to the challenge of keeping the global temperature increase to 2c which is predicted US will be quitting!

We just have to be hopeful and thankful that Canada is becoming more open about immigration and its  significant value to the fabric of our society



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