Live-in Care Giver

This is an exciting opportunity for both employers and qualified employees who want to work in Canada. Live-in Caregiver program allows for employing foreign live-in Caregiver when Canadian workers or permanent residents are not available to care for children, elderly or persons with disabilities.

Employers are families or individuals with young child/children, elderly or disabled family member who wants to hire a live-in nanny or caregiver. New Start Immigration (CGSIM) has been assisting clients with the process of immigrating a qualified care-giver.

This program meets the needs of families that are looking for highly qualified and economical assistant for their family member’s care.

It further allows qualified candidate to not only, come and work in Canada but to also present them with the opportunity to gain a Permanent Residence status in Canada. The live-in caregiver may apply for Canadian permanent resident status after working for 2 years within the 3 year period of entering Canada.

For more information regarding immigration to Canada as a live-in caregiver, complete the free assessment form.