Canadian Citizenship: Rights & Responsibilities


Canadian Citizenship week has just ended and got me thinking about what does Canadian Citizenship mean to me and what kind of responsibility does it come with.
My family and I immigrated here from Iran when I was 13 years old, and to me I feel like I lived two different lives. It is partly due the fact that I came to Canada in my early teanage years when my character and personality was being shaped and party because I have been a citizen of two different worlds.
In 2010, more than 143,000 newcomers became citizens, each embracing the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.

So to me, the rights of being Canadian are that I can dress how I desire, feel safe to go for a walk with my dog at 10pm, I have the freedom to marry who I want, and have the right to say what I believe.
My responsibility as a Canadian Citizen is to contribute to the community whether through local organizations such as United Way or international ones such a Plan Canada. I feel responsible to care for and protect our environment and wild life. Also, I feel responsible to keep myself informed in order to vote in municipal, provincial and federal level.

What do you think are the rights and responsibilities that comes with be a Canadian Citizen?


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