Business Immigration


There are two investor programs in Canada, created by the federal governement and Quebeb provincial governement. Canadian and Quebec investor program enable potential investors (who meet certain requirement) to obtain permanent resident status and unconditional Canadian resident visas for themselves and their family. Find out more

Entrepreneur- Provincial Nominee Programs

PNP is an important fast-track option for Canadian Permanent Residency. Provincial Nominee Program nominates applicants that have the work experience, skill sets and investment needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province or territory by starting-up and investing in a business venture or has the education for strategic occupation.


To be eligible as a self-employed person you must meet relevant experience and criteria as it is defined as:

  • Participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics
  • Farm management experience
  • Self-employment in cultural activities or athletics
  • Selection Criteria that include your experience, education, age, language abilities and adaptability. You can find out more about the selection criteria and application process by contacting New Start Immigration.

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